pasta carpet 2

it was always our dream to make a much bigger pasta carpet. so here is pasta carpet 2. pasta carpet to the max.

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7 Responses to “pasta carpet 2”

  1. plustique Says:

    oh man this is so massive! i am crazy impressed! good job, would love to know of any upcomings!

  2. ninnys1 Says:


  3. Nele Says:

    That’s gorgeous!

  4. Glen Says:

    Please keep making carpets!

  5. Ginevi - Gin Wong, Singapore Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Says:

    wow, amazing!

  6. Diana Conconi Says:

    A carpet pretty enough to eat!

  7. Ginger Steele Says:

    I love this! I especially like how the curved macaronis were used. What imagination to make something so lovely with a common material.

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