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December 15, 2011

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WE MAKE CARPETS in Paradiso Amsterdam

November 18, 2011

From 16 nov untill 26 nov, WE MAKE CARPETS will presents five mini-carpets for the Infiltration Series in the beautiful building of Paradiso Amsterdam.

Small carpets and scale models – DDW 2011

October 26, 2011

The photo’s of our exhibition during the Dutch Design Week are here. We had a great week and want to thank everybody that was there.

All the carpets were made by WE MAKE CARPETS, but this time we combined them with scale models by: Sophie Mensen, Oskar Peet, Gijs Kast, Lex Pott, Pepe Heykoop, Daphna Laurens, Anne Wagemaker, Carolina Wilcke, Lotte van Wulfften Palthe, Tim Enthoven, La Bolleur en Florian de Visser.

all photographs were made by our friend Amy Kouwenhoven

button carpet:

confetti carpet:

flower carpet:

hardware carpet:

lead carpet:

match carpet:

muisjes carpet:

spice carpet:

staple carpet:

paperboat carpet

October 11, 2011

Paperboat carpet was made for a party hosted by Die Like Disco at area 51 skate park in Eindhoven. The carpet was constructed out of A5 size paper folded into little boats.

peg carpet

June 23, 2011

Peg carpet actually consists of three carpets fully made of clothes pegs hanging on the wall. We made these for the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, The Netherlands, and they can be seen till the 28th of august. So don’t hesitate and visit the museum!

We want to thank our friend Boudewijn Bollmann for all the photographs.


paperclip carpet

June 1, 2011

We worked a few days in marcia’s studio at NDSM in Amsterdam. For the first time we worked a different kind of carpet. One that goes up, or down, at stairs. It worked out very well, we are proud of defying gravity.

pasta carpet 2

November 2, 2010

it was always our dream to make a much bigger pasta carpet. so here is pasta carpet 2. pasta carpet to the max.

army carpet

November 2, 2010

another dutch design week carpet, army carpet. totally made out of two colors plastic soldiers.

mustard carpet

November 2, 2010

our smallest carpet since we started. we also made this at the dutch design week 2010. two colors of mustard seeds.


fork carpet

November 2, 2010

during the dutch design week 2010 we made this carpet out of cheap plastic forks. we think the colors are crazy.